What’s in a Name?

Well, I have to give Dioscuri Neophyte one plug. it has a very unique title. You won’t find much on the Dioscuri at amazon.com and Neophyte returns a few fantasy books but all with Neophyte as a component of the title.
Two of my readers have praise for the title, the other two find it unwieldly. Luckily, these sparring grammarians are in different states so bloodshed has so far been avoided. I could drop the Dioscuri part, and just title the three books Neophyte, Prodigal and Regent but I like tying them together. And I have to admit that the pseudo-classicist in me likes the reference.
I’m not unrealistic though. I know that getting published is going to mean having flexibility about things but will an agent get past the title?

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