Verisimilitude and Soft Boiled Eggs

So Germany was cold but it was still an amazing time. I have a lot of thoughts on it still on simmer in my head but I have to mention something that clicked in me on the very last day, at breakfast before the plane. It was pretty common for every breakfast to have a basket of steaming, soft-boiled eggs on hand. They aren’t something I favor in my food choice and being a bit of a sugar junkie I went for the crusty bread with nutella instead. But there they were, a perfect sort of detail that fits nicely into a medieval scene. I think an important angle to consider in my work is all of the things that would never apply to me as a person, but might apply to my characters’ world. Already they live in ways I don’t: I’ve worn a sword on my belt for a few hours for research and camped as roughly as possible but there are still those tiny details I think a writer needs to embrace and explore. I don’t care for soft-boiled eggs, but that doesn’t mean my characters don’t. The more I write and polish the further these people get from me. They have their own distinct tastes and I need to keep finding ways to sneak in the occasional detail without boring the reader to death with fantasy world travelogue. There are things in my worlds that I don’t condone: slavery, religious persecution, war. Their presence makes the world rounder, realer, even if I don’t like them.

2 thoughts on “Verisimilitude and Soft Boiled Eggs

  1. Anonymous says:

    “God is in the details” or so I’ve been told. I agree, the small quirks, the personality and even the soft boiled eggs are essential to a well crafted character! Keep it up!

  2. “God is in the details.” Or so I hear. I couldn’t agree more, the crafting, the personalities, and even the soft boiled eggs are what make a character. Keep looking for those bits, they really are the good stuff!

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