Miss Snark versus the Bad Agent

If you’re not reading Miss Snark and you are trying to publish, she’s a fantastic wellspring of spiky-heeled information.
Currently she’s going off on an agent who is listed as one of the 20 worst by a watchdog group and the fireworks are worth the show.
I’m kneedeep in the query process for Neophyte and I can tell you that it really doesn’t help to know there are “agents” out there willing to take advantage of my aspirations. Sites and blogs like Writer Beware are an immense help as I wade through it all, learning the dos and don’ts. It’s been a while since I dug out my old A.C. Crispin books (high school to date myself) but maybe it’s time to dust them off. I’ll have to call my mom and see if my copy of Yesterday’s Son is still lying about.

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