Massive Attack, Martinis and Mark

Had a few drinks with my best friend last night. It was a good catch up and Mark’s perspective always re-centers me a bit so my optimism levels are back in balance with my reality filters. Mark and I can’t really converse without our political views creeping into the discussion and such was the case last night.
One thing we talked about for a good while was Iran and the question of whether the US will soon have another front in its expanding war. This led to talk about V for Vendetta and its style so I had to explain my appreciation for Alan Moore.
By drink three we’d come back to the sense of foreboding we shared just before the start of the Iraq situation. It doesn’t run through the Dioscuri books. Their timeline is post war, when the world is trying to settle down after an older conflict between nations. Those characters exist in a shadow war where all the fighting is being done in smaller arenas like buffer states.
But impending war, conscription and that same foreboding are a powerful force in Hraefn/Kinos, a project that I think just might end up being called Eastlight in the end.
We have tickets for Massive Attack, dragging our respective dates in tow, and I keep listening to 100th Window, an album that is filled itself with foreboding. The inclusion of Sinead O’Connor’s haunting vocals is a powerful element.
Current events inform our fantasies, our dreams and our escapes. We may be running from larger world events or just avoiding the constant stream of bad news coming across the television but we can’t always run from these things. In fantasy we’re given the option to step away from our reality and I’m all for those little mental vacations. Hopefully though, we get some work done while we’re out, sort of like how our unconscious selves can use dreams to process mental detritus. I want to take my readers away from it all, wrap them in an intimate story painted onto an epic backdrop. If current events inform their trip a bit, and maybe offer some perspectives, then that’s good too.

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