Is My Query Letter Ready for Submission?

My critique group and I put together a list of query tips to help people write successful query letters. Share as you see fit. Thank you to everyone who contributed help!

Is Your Query Ready

7 thoughts on “Is My Query Letter Ready for Submission?

  1. Cecilia Clark says:

    Hi David, your chart is doing the rounds on social media and I have had several friends send me links to it so I thought I would pop over to your space and say a BIG thank you for streamlining in this graphic. I love a good visual check list and this one is proving valuable. Thank you again for creating and sharing it.

  2. Cassie Bentley says:

    I just found this handy dandy chart. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  3. Laura Backes says:

    I just discovered this and am posting it in our Facebook group for our Children’s Book Insider readers, with a link back to your site. Thank you for sharing!

    Laura Backes
    Children’s Book Insider, the Children’s Writing Monthly

  4. This is such good information. Thank you and your critique group.

  5. Ronald Lombard says:

    Thank you
    This a great tool.
    My writing group will be delighted with it.

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