I Think I’m in Love. Athens Might Get Jealous

Three days back and Rome is like a dream. I’ve waxed poetic before on the beauty of travel. It takes you out of yourself, away from your daily grind, and gifts you with insight. For me, a city so steeped in history is a natural draw. Even without the churches, the whispering fountains, the great food or perfect coffee, the ruins remain.
I had the fortune this trip to spend a day with Peggy Ryan, whose Gracefully Global blog is more than worth checking out. She had some great tips for little things off the beaten path, and she shares my love of the Trastevere neighborhood. She also introduced me to cacao de pepe, which officially blew my diet.
We wandered with our mutual friend Clint, who’s always good at spotting an odd twist in the path and leading you to the unexpected. As usual I hauled back too many books, but strangely I didn’t take many pictures. I wanted this trip to be more in the moment, more immediate and less of a record. I captured memories, bits of ideas and faint inspirations as Clint and I walked the city, exploring her ancient and medieval boundaries. I made a friend, a guy from Milan who taught me some Italian sayings.
Now I’m back, and while the getting home was as strangely rough as always, I’ve carried that sense of wonder with me. That’s what travel does for me, why I prioritize it over owning a car of a bigger house. If I preach anything, if I’ve found anything that makes me happier, it is the long game of valuing experience and people over material goods.
Rome has made an impact. After three trips there I’m starting to feel like I know the city, even if my terrible sense of direction hasn’t caught up. I’m clinging to the feeling the journey gave me. Maybe I’ll learn to make pasta.

4 thoughts on “I Think I’m in Love. Athens Might Get Jealous

  1. I second your remark about being in the moment. If I’m behind the camera the entire time, that’s what I remember. For my trip to Madrid, some of my favorite moments were just sitting in a cafe or a bench on a sidewalk and just being in Madrid, though everything was beautiful.

  2. Oh Barbara, how much trouble could we get into eating our way through Italy? 🙂

  3. Peggy Ryan says:

    Oh so sweet! I agree with every word! It was such a pleasure spending that day with you guys, even if it was only a day. I think it was meant to be! And thanks for reminding me why I am dirt poor…but rich with experiences. It is nice to find a kindred spirit that understands so well…a presto!!! 🙂

  4. Same here. Had a wonderful time with you. I loved all the little stuff you taught me about Italian life!

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