I may freeze

So Germany is tomorrow and it’s looking rather cold. I finally replaced my long wool coat and while it’s not the full on blanket my Ralph Lauren was, it should still provide me with some warmth and a sense of cloak in the streets of Trier.
I’m the most excited for the first leg of the trip. Worms looks like it’s going to be the best of everything I want though I’m also afraid I may just stay forever in the antiquities on Museum Island in Berlin. There are some definite pieces there that should help my research on the Dioscuri though my mentor, Dr. Miller has warned me that the Germans weren’t too careful with the preservation of the early marbles they acquired.
All of that aside, I won’t be taking my laptop for once and instead will be switching back to pen and notebook for two weeks. I don’t get a lot of productive writing accomplished when I travel: just larger ideas that take time to filter down into the work so I’m not too concerned about going low tech for a bit.
I wanted to have the next Hraefn/Kinos sections online before I left but I feel like they still need a bit of editing.

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