Critique Circle

Paula Reed, a local romance novelist and sister of my friend Richard, was kind enough to give me some tips on querying agents and finding a critique group. I think I have a pretty thick skin. All of the work I’ve put into my English Literature B.A. has shaped my toughness. My colleague Karessa once said that I had the “skin of a dragon”. I thought that was an appropriate comment considering the genre that I work in creatively. Still, writing in a vacuum is no way to judge the market of what can be sold, so I’ve joined Critique Circle online:

And started racking up credits by critiquing other people’s work. It all works on a credit system and to be able to post work, you have to read and provide feedback to others. So far I’ve posted one critique and read a few other pieces. I like their “newbie” system of oversight for well, us newbies. They also stress the politeness that anyone commenting on others’ work should keep in mind.
We’ll see how it, and my skin, goes.

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