Bringing It All Together

So I just started my History of the Modern Middle East class and spent some time last night going back over the papers I’ve written for my history Bachelor’s. There is some definite progression in the style. I can see the point where I gave up on writing poetry and started instead to focus wholesale on my prose. And I can see the influence of certain professors like Martin Miller and Ellen Slatkin. They challenged me to take it up a notch. When I compare them to the papers I write for my English Literature Bachelor’s, I can see a fusion of styles that is lending itself well to Dioscuri’s larger tone. I’ve got a lot of room to grow still, particularly in dialogue and action. As I work on book two, I’ve been reading a lot of the dialogue aloud and trying to test the rhythm of the characters’ voices. It’s important to me that each one has an individual way of speaking. It’s funny but I’m finding that listening to music when I’m writing is becoming more distracting: I don’t want any foreign rhythms creeping in. I edited some of the Kinos pieces for upload this morning and I’m finding that the historical tone is great for Kinos, as a lot of his thoughts are introspective remembrance while Hraefn’s pieces are much more strongly in the moment.

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