4 thoughts on “Book Club: Atonement

  1. Alfred Utton says:

    I’m about a third of the way through and am enjoying it a great deal. So far, besides the occasional flashback, all of the action has comprised a single day in the characters lives. I’m curious to see how it transitions into the future as I understand much of the plot occurs a great deal later on.

    I knew from watching the trailer for the movie and reading the blurb that Briony would do something at the end of the day that would shape the rest of the novel. For the first 200 pages, I wondered what she would do. Now, at 232, I wonder if she’s done it already and, if so, how her act causes such fall out over the years that remain.

  2. Alfred Utton says:

    I know I’m still reading last month’s book, but what’s this month’s?

  3. What are you wanting to read next? We could go with a Sci Fi or Fantasy (The Name of the Wind is on the list) for a change. For Literary Fiction I was thinking of Water Witches by Chris Bohjalian or the Historian by Elizabeth Kostova.

  4. I’m struggling a bit with Atonement (part of that is that I got edits back on Eastlight and part is that the day job is kicking my butt), but I realized somehwere along the way that I’ve been reading a lot of genre fiction. I’m suprised to notice that I’m missing the faster pacing and quicker plots.

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