Announcing the Fantasy and Fiction Book Club!

To write, you must read. Okay, sure, you’ve also got to write, and sometimes that seems like a serious uphill battle, but what are we churning out all this stuff for if there’s no audience? I read whenever I can, usually in desperate marathons of sleep deprived consumption, but then I get out of the regular habit and slack off again. Come to think of it, I have a very similar relationship to the gym.

After letting good books pile up around the house, I know they’re good because my friend Jo gave most of them to me, I’m starting a book club to motivate myself to keep a more regular schedule and share good books with friends.

I’ll post polls here so we vote on which book to read for which month. As I believe that writing takes a lot of diversity in reading, I’ll be keeping it open in regards to genre or age. Once we’ve moved through the unread stack on my desk I’ll start taking suggestions. Please invite anyone you think would like to join. Our first book will be Winterlong by Elizabeth Hand. It’s been on my list for a while and I’m excited to finally get to it. I should point out that the Rejectionist reminded me to read this book this week, and I’m grateful for the prod to get reading it. The goal is to have Winterlong read by August 1st.

One thought on “Announcing the Fantasy and Fiction Book Club!

  1. Alfred Utton says:

    I’m about half way through Winterlong. It was a lot to take at the beginning, her world and its inhabitants, but I’m adjusting.

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