A Hel of a Ride: Hammered by Kevin Hearne

Deicide is a serious affair. If you’re going to take down a god, especially one on Thor’s level, you’re going to need a pretty big sword and some serious cojones. Kevin Hearne’s Hammered, the third book in the Iron Druid Chronicles, takes things to a whole new threat level. Atticus O’Sullivan has a couple of promises to keep, and doing so will put his very long existence in danger as both commitments involve a trip to Asgard and a confrontation with the Norse pantheon. Worse, in Asgard, he’s outside the protection of his own gods and things back on earth aren’t going so well as the area of Arizona under his protection suffers a vampire invasion and attack from a group of Kabbalah practitioners out for his head.

Hammered is a great ride. We get some new companions for Atticus, a cameo from a major deity, and a clever recounting of backstories in a style reminiscent of Chaucer. Putting more pieces on the board serves Hearne well, because not everyone makes it out alive. Hearne isn’t afraid to raise the body count and says goodbye to some supporting cast members, a trait other urban fantasy writers could study. My only complaint is that we have to wait for the fourth book, Tricked.

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